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    Bom dia,

    Tenho duas problemas.
    1. Nao falo bem a linga portuguesa
    2. Minha mulher quer divorciar

    Minha mulher quer divorsiar e ella quer voltar na Holanda. Nos temos uma quinta em Porutgal.
    Eu quero ficar ai, quando posivel quero ficar com a quinta.
    Ella quer metade de dinheiros de valor da quinta.

    Na esta caso quem preciso de valiar nose quinta.
    Exista uma lei por iso?

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    Michel, can i write in English? is better for you?

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    Hi Pedro,

    When you can explain it in English I think its better for me because I dont understend a lot of not regular words in Portugees. If you have problems with some wordt try it in portugees and I wil look it up at a dictionary.

    Tanks for responding.
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    First thing to do, is contact an Real Estate apraisal to evaluate the land and building, if you both have an agreement on the value the appraisale gave you on is report, just split in two (50% each, right?) and you get the value for each part.

    There are several firms that can do the job, or eventually specific professionals from the area, thats important so you can get much close to the market value and save into transportation expenses.

    Assure your are going to contact a certified professional for the appraisal, because if things go wrong and go to court the appraisal report will be a strong document for claim incomes...
    Hope this help.

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    Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for your quick response!
    Can you give me the translation for "Real Estate apraisal" in Portugees, so I can look for them in the yellow pages?

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    Avaliador imobiliário

    Where is located (Concelho)? the property.
    I may give you some contacts from the area, if I have.

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    Thanks again.
    I live between Mangualde and Viseu.
    I vissited your internet site! It looks verry profesional!

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    Thanks Michel...

    Sorry don´t know any contatcs from that area... we did several Appraisals in Viseu and surronfdings, some years ago, because of the POLIS program and other matters... but it´s impossible to us, to give you a quotation for that as we stopped for now doing appraisal outside Lisbon area, and Alentejo/ Algarve.

    I´ll recomend you contact several appraisalls companies:
    and much more...

    • 5 outubro 2007

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    Everything Pedro told you is accurate.

    You mentioned Páginas Amarelas, check this out: Avaliadores
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